The Sabbatical is Over!

This moment is so bittersweet. I’ve come to the end of my sabbatical! *sings “The Struggle is Over” by Jonathan Nelson* On Monday, I’ll be starting a full-time job at a leading nonprofit organization in Baltimore City. So many thoughts and feelings come to mind, but at the core of me, I’m abundantly grateful. Grateful to have given myself the gift of time, something that … Continue reading The Sabbatical is Over!

How to Establish a Healthy Work/Life Balance

This post was originally published on when I was still working at my previous job, but these are key principles since most of my readers are working full time. Enjoy the read! — The more I gain influence in various spheres, the more responsibilities I have and the busier I become. As such, it has become increasingly important for me to find a healthy … Continue reading How to Establish a Healthy Work/Life Balance