The Sabbatical is Over!

This moment is so bittersweet. I’ve come to the end of my sabbatical! *sings “The Struggle is Over” by Jonathan Nelson* On Monday, I’ll be starting a full-time job at a leading nonprofit organization in Baltimore City. So many thoughts and feelings come to mind, but at the core of me, I’m abundantly grateful. Grateful to have given myself the gift of time, something that … Continue reading The Sabbatical is Over!

Turning Down Opportunities

It’s not even 3 months into the year yet and I’ve already turned down 3 speaking invitations. I’m actually proud of myself for this. I’m not sorry for not being able to show up. Old Jess would’ve jumped at any opportunity to share my expertise, make a public appearance, recite my poetry, etc. New Jess now knows her limits. But, more importantly, she knows her … Continue reading Turning Down Opportunities