Hi There!


My name is Jessica Smith and I’m a writer.

I’m also super ambitious and have a bad case of “Superwoman Syndrome,” a term coined by psychologist Jazz Keyes. It’s this nagging feeling that I have to be perfect all of the time. Whatever that even means. Although it’s not an actual medical condition or anything like that, it’s really a mindset that is taking people out.

I’ve spent my life seeking after honors, trophies, awards and accolades. I was Valedictorian of my middle school class (if such a thing exists), Salutatorian of my high school class and a double-major honors student in college, graduating magna cum laude.

High achievement is in my blood. It’s a beautiful blessing. It’s also my Achilles’ heel. Sometimes the internal pressure to be the best can get the best of me.

In recent years, I have found myself needing to throw off my superwoman cape and just be me.

This blog documents my sabbatical from work, which I decided to do in order to refresh myself and be better prepared for the journey ahead.

This is my space to share some of the behind-the-scenes struggles that are attached to public success. It will be a collection of anecdotal stories filled with scripture and encouragement. As a woman of faith, my relationship with God has gotten me through some of the hardest times.

My hope is that, through sharing my journey, we can start a conversation on what wellness ought to look like as ambitious women in the working world.

It’s time to slay superwoman syndrome! One battle, one victory, at a time. Who’s with me?