The Mental Health Emergency Fund

Hi Friends,

I’ll keep this post brief.

I’m in a contest to win a $1000 grant from a local organization in Baltimore that invests in black changemakers.

My latest initiative, The Mental Health Emergency Fund, is in the TOP 2 and needs your vote TODAY! You can vote every day until June 28th. I’ll match the grant as seed money for this fund, which will provide a stipend to a person (and more people as the fund grows) with a diagnosed mental illness or someone who is at the verge of reaching a breaking point mentally.

I’ve been there. That’s why I started this blog in November 2018. Healing is a journey and it definitely takes time. If you’ve been blessed by my story in any way, please help me pay it forward!

Also, please share this photo with your social media networks after you’ve done so.

To stay up to date with the fund, feel free to subscribe to my other newsletter here.

Thanks so much for your support!


Until Next Time,


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