Two Years Later

Two years later, here I am.

On the other side of stepping out of the boat.

I did make it to the other side.

God did have a place He was calling me to.

He did have plans in store.

There was deep healing to be done.

And it’s still being done.

Yet, there are some things that have been completed.

And that—above all else—is to be celebrated.

I haven’t written a post in nine months, since the announcement of my sabbatical being over and my return to full-time work.

If you’re new to the blog, feel free to read through previous posts to get the full context of my journey.

I wrote the first post of this blog on November 13, 2018.

It feels like time flew by and it also feels like it’s been the longest 2 years ever.

So much has happened to me, to us.

We’re not the same people we used to be.

Our clothes might not fit the same.

Our relationships might not feel the same.

Our faith might not sound the same. (Romans 10:17)

And that’s all okay.

I’m so grateful that I gave myself the gift of 14 months off work before experiencing the pandemic that changed the world as we know it.

In that time, I confronted a lot of fears.

In that time, I discovered new interests.

In that time, I developed more resilience.

I did the self-work I needed to do in order to be ready to consistently show up in the professional world as my authentic self. (That by no means was the only goal, but it’s the main goal connected to the theme of this blog).

It required a lot of pain, a lot of tears, a lot of sleepless nights.

But I arrived.

I waited for what God was preparing for me on the other side of the boat.

Just one month into my promised land, I had to embrace change again and learn this new role in a new organization with new coworkers remotely, in the middle of a global pandemic.

Although this was hard, I was placed in an incredibly supportive team that helped me transition as best as I possibly could.

I can genuinely say I’m not the same person I was even nine months ago since starting my new role. I’ve learned and grown so much. I had no idea that God was preparing me for such deep, meaningful work.

I mean, He always does, but this work truly is transformative. (I’m sure I’ll share more on the role later.)

And as I started getting the hang of my 9-5, I started taking on more roles and responsibilities outside of work, like church leadership and other passion projects.

  1. I wrote an E-book that details how I was able to stretch my $13,000 emergency fund over 14 months of unemployment.

2. I co-led a 9-week financial management course at my church

3. I became debt-free and saved $10,000 again.

All of this is a testament to the faithfulness of my God and King!

For those of you who have been following my journey for the past couple of years, you know how hard the road has been.

Wherever you find yourself, please know that it gets better.

There is a promised land for you.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

It doesn’t mean that there won’t still be darkness and hard days, weeks, months or years.

But it does mean that your experiences are working for you, not against you.

I hope this post encouraged you!

I just renewed this blog’s subscription, which means I plan on writing more, so it won’t be another 9 months until you hear from me again!!

Please share this with a friend or loved one if you were blessed.

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Until Next Time,


One thought on “Two Years Later

  1. I have missed your posts and I was excited to have received a notification of your new post. What a great way to come back. I love your posts. Until next time.


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