Trusting Your Timing


I am now 5 months into this sabbatical from full-time work.

I didn’t think I would be “out of commission” for this long, but I’m actually grateful for the pace.

I’m gaining more and more confidence in my journey, in my story and in God’s divine providence. His timing is perfect and His ways are excellent.

As I’m starting to take more and more steps to “get back out there,” I’m being met with so much encouragement and support.

One day, I happened to listen to a podcast from a college friend named Kierra Parent and I reached out to her to let her know how much I appreciated her inspiration. It’s called “Pieces of Hers.e.l.f” and she highlights other young women who are redefining themselves as life comes their way.

It turns out that Kierra was hoping to get me on as a guest on that very podcast!

We are both in similar seasons in our lives, so we discussed a lot about trusting God’s timing, learning how to be productive in our seasons of waiting and how to lean on others when we need extra support.

Since it has been a good amount of time that I’ve been going through this, I was able to discuss my story with a lot of confidence. It wasn’t a sob story or anything like that. You can actually hear the conviction in my voice.

I have a newfound perspective, which I’m able to speak on with “eloquence,” as one of my sister-friends commented.

In this season of my life, I’m redefining “s.e.l.f.” by Surrendering Everything and Loving Fiercely.

I really hope you enjoy the episode! It’s a little long, so here’s a breakdown of different segments that you can listen to at your leisure:

0:00- 6:00  | Intros
6:13- 18:42  | Quitting my job
19:20-28:26 | Withdrawing grad school program
29:10-33:00 | Social media culture
33:00-43:04 | Support systems and learning how to ask for help
43:10-49:56 | Season of singleness
50:00-54:40 | Sparking creativity through volunteering
55:08-58:00 | Opportunities to be used in family
58:15-59:22 | Redefining SELF
1:02:25-1:08:35 | Getting out of being stagnant
1:08:49-1:12:18 | Building my platform, Jessica Smith Media
1:12:45-end |Book recommendation: “Choose Joy: Because Happiness Isn’t Enough”

Take a listen here! Please share your thoughts!

Until Next Time,


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