A Constant Dilemma


When it comes to building my brand, I struggle with the whole in-front-of-the-camera/behind-the-camera dilemma, both literally and metaphorically. By “literally” I mean that I equally like taking pictures as much as I like posing for them. (Apparently this is rare in the photography community lol). But metaphorically speaking, I often don’t know whether to be in the spotlight or to shine it on others as a writer.

For instance, take my website (www.JessicaSmithMedia.com). It started out as an online portfolio of my writing work with some video interviews in the mix. So, like a digital resume. But my writing became so much about other people’s stories that I didn’t really have my own voice. (It’s more so like “Hey, look at these cool things these people are doing” vs. “Hey, look at all of this knowledge I have”).

So that’s why I started a separate blog, Slaying Superwoman Syndrome, which is a look into the life of just me. The behind-the-scenes. The raw. The real. My faith walk. Basically, things I wouldn’t necessarily put on LinkedIn. But even with that, it’s not about my professional knowledge; it’s about my spiritual resilience.

I want to find a healthy balance of creating content about myself and about others, but I’m not sure how to just yet. Because I think people want to read about all of it. It just gets annoying trying to take it to the next level when I have different messages and audiences.

I’m open to suggestions! Even coaches need to be coached! But please only comment if you’ve spent time on both sites. I take informed advice.


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