30 Days In

It’s officially been a month since I quit my job and moved back home to Baltimore.

Today I had the honor and distinct privilege of going to Mayor Catherine Pugh’s open house. Let’s just say that her neighborhood has a very warm place in my family’s heart.


Throughout the event, several notable community members stopped by for a tour, one of them being Congressman Elijah Cummings.

I told my mom I wanted to take a picture with him but I felt awkward and didn’t want to ask.

He replied, “It’d be an honor.”

elijah cummings

So of course, like all people in the DMV who meet someone new, he asked, “What do you do?”

Now, this could have been a very anxiety-provoking moment. And of course after the fact I thought of a dozen other ways I could’ve answered the question. One of them being that I’m a writer who has started a blog, dismantling the idea of Superwoman Syndrome and how it affects black Christian women in particular.

But I didn’t say that. I told him that I’m in transition right now with my career. To my surprise he said his daughter who is about my age is in transition as well! He shared a little about her path and how he’s helping her get to her next stage. He even joked that she can’t be transitioning forever. (lol!)

I saw the grace of God in that moment. Because although my answer wasn’t as “polished” as I would’ve wanted it to be (talking to a U.S. Congressman here), I said exactly what I needed to say.

His grace is truly sufficient. What seemed like a place of shame was actually a shared commonality! Imagine that!

I just wanted to share this brief story because I’m in this season of learning how to rest in God’s grace. I don’t have to everything figured out. I don’t have to have the perfect elevator speech during this transition. Everything will materialize exactly the way it’s supposed to.

Until Next Time,


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