Overwhelmed (in a Good Way!)


My community is amazing! The amount of support that I’ve received since sharing on social media that I was leaving my job has been incredible. I’ve received dozens of encouraging comments, prayers and well wishes in this next stage of my journey. What’s especially reassuring is the number of people who have made similar steps of faith and have come out on the other side.

Several people noted that my genuineness and transparency is a delight to see. I really value that feedback because I intentionally live my life this way. I wasn’t always an open book, but over the years, as I’ve become more comfortable with myself and stronger in my faith, I realize that keeping things in does a huge disservice to myself and others. Part of my calling is literally to be a light. I can’t be a light if I stay in darkness!

In the past two days alone, I’ve gotten four random calls from friends who wanted to check in on me. They had been thinking about me prior to my even sharing the announcement in my first post.  Reading what I was going through gave them confirmation that they in fact needed to call me.

The first call was from my friend Stephanie who I’ve known since Kindergarten. We were in school together from K-12 and have started talking more consistently in recent years, as the world of adulting has impacted us in different ways.


She was so proud of me to have taken this leap and to decide do life on my own terms, without the pressure of having to be perfect.

“I’ve known you all your life, Jess. I don’t think you realize how big this is,” she said.

Steph shared with me similar feelings of needing to take a breather, especially since she’s a new mother and how there’s this expectation that she has to be in mom mode all of the time. Her daughter is now one year old and she’s learning that it’s okay to still go out and do things for herself. She’s not a bad mother if she decides to hang out with some girlfriends on the weekend, she’s learning.

She said that, even though she’s a role model for her daughter, the pressure never comes from her child.

“I could make weird faces all day long and I’m still the most amazing person to her at the end of the day,” she said. “She wakes up with a smiling face and joy because she has no reason not to. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be a certain way as adults.”

So, clearly Superwoman Syndrome touches all of us. Type-A professionals like me and new moms like Steph.

We have to remember that we have to take care of ourselves first if we are going to be any good to anyone else.

I’m positive that the support will keep rolling in. And I need every bit of it!

Thanks for reading and for taking steps towards building a world where we can all be human again.

Until Next Time,



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